This exhibition is the only and the most representative in Kazakhstan which effectively combines three relative fields of power, electrical engineering, instrument-making industry, also facilities and complex automation systems.

Kazakhstan market has significant prospects for companies – producers and suppliers of equipment, technologies in energy field. Main reasons: successful carrying out of reforms in energy field of Kazakhstan, high development of energy complex, infrastructure, oil and gas sector, industry, construction in the Republic of Kazakhstan and in Central Asia.

Holding of the International power exhibition “Power-Kazindustry” in Almaty is becoming a good tradition which is contributing to the development of modern equipment in Kazakhstan, making of high effective, environmentally appropriate technologies for power industry, economy of fuel and energy resources and for subsequent scientific and technical growth of power engineering field in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan actively supports and cooperates with the forthcoming exhibition. The leading officials of ministries and departments, specialists of industrial enterprises, commercial firms, supply organizations will be invited to this exhibition. (Direct postal delivery of 10 000 free of charge invitation letters across Kazakhstan. Distribution of 2 000 invitation letters through specialized publications. Exhibition advertisement and articles in specialized magazines, leading newspapers and web-publications of Almaty, Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Minsk. Wide advertisement on TV and radio two weeks before the exhibition. Outdoor advertisement all over the city. (banners, billboards). Official exhibition web-site.

Traditionally in the frame work of exhibition in the conference hall of the Exhibition center will be held seminars and presentations of exhibition participants.

Brief review of the previous exhibition:

More than 30 enterprises and companies from Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Gerimania, China, Korea, Poland, Russia and Turkey took part in the exhibition "Power-Kazindustry-2017".

Companies from the far-abroad countries took an active part: STEGO RUS LLC (Germany), Andra Sp.Z.o.o. (Poland), Makel Group of Companies, Luna Elektrik Elektronik (Turkey), Shanghai Quan Xiang Industrial Co. Ltd. (China), UKB (Unikor Battery) CO. Ltd. (Korea), etc.

Companies from the countries of the near abroad took part: JSC "Energy Systems and Technologies", TOO Omnis, Ruscable (Russia), Goknur Baki Ltd. (Azerbaijan) and others.

Kazakhstan was represented by following companies: “Test instruments” Ltd., “Kazenergokabel” JSC, “Involt” Ltd., Eurlo Light, FF Group, Тексан, Baykaz Electyric, ТОО Central Asia Technologies, “Asia Electric” JSC, Taldykorgan cable plant, Kazakhstan Electricity Association, Kazakh Research Institute of Power Engineering named after Sh.Ch.Chokin JSC, Power Engineers Union of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

It is gratifying to note the growing interest to the exhibition annually both from visitors and from participating firms. Visitors got acquainted with various types of equipment and devices for the energy industry.

Ceremony opening of the exhibition was attended by the following Officials:

  1. Chairman of the Board of the Power Engineers Union of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Mr. Kalyk A. Abdullayev;
  2. Chief specialist of the department of entrepreneurship and industry of Bostandyk district Administration – Ms. Margarita K. Meirkhanova;
  3. General Consul of the Consulate of the Russian Federation, Head of the Department of Russian cooperation in Almaty – Mrs. Irina V. Pereverzeva;
  4. Senior Adviser, Head of the Department of the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in Almaty – Mr. Sergey S. Zhartun;
  5. Executive Director of the Public Association "Chamber of Tax Consultants" – Mrs. Gaukhar I.Tursynmuratova.

This year exhibitions were visited by more than 6% people compare with 2016 year: 80% of them were lead specialists of this industry. Total number of visitors in 2017 was 3100 people.

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This year exhibitions were visited by more than 6% people compare with 2016 year: 80% of them were lead specialists of this industry. Total number of visitors in 2017 was 3100 people.